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Honeywell commercial air quality products include: Honeywell commercial electronic air cleaners, industrial media air cleaners and portable air cleaners for commercial, industrial and healthcare. Honeywell commercial air filters, include media filters, prefilter and CPZ modules for Honeywell commercial air cleaners. Honeywell media air cleaners remove particulates, odors, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air passing through and clean the air using true HEPA performance and other mechanisms. Honeywell Media Air Cleaners deliver powerful air cleaning for commercial and industrial environments. Honeywell electronic air cleaners are efficient, effective and energy-saving industrial commercial air cleaners. Honeywell portable commercial air cleaners are portable, efficient and effective commercial air cleaners.

Commercial Air Filters

Bolster the efficiency of your commercial air cleaner by utilizing an appropriately matched Honeywell Commercial Air Filter.
Electronic Air Cleaners

The Honeywell Store has assembled a selection of Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners that features a certification of 94% efficiency in the removal of 0.5 micron air particles that pass through its filters.
Media Air Cleaners

Ideal for commercial and industrial settings, Honeywell Media Air Cleaners utilize True HEPA performance and various other beneficial mechanisms to remove particles, odors and volatile organic compounds from the air passing through its filter.
Water Coolers

Honeywell Water Coolers are an affordable and convenient solution to providing cool and hot water in an easily accessible format.

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