The Honeywell Consumer Store offers an excellent range of Honeywell Eye Protection that can be utilized in any number of indoor or outdoor settings. Honeywell Safety Eyewear is a great fit for workers that are employed in extreme environments. Engineered for maximum comfort and defense, Honeywell Safety Goggles offer superior vision protection. From oil and gas operations to mining and heavy construction, Honeywell Safety Eyewear can be an invaluable asset in shielding eyes from the many hazards presented in the workplace. A versatile selection of Honeywell Shooter's Safety Eyewear has also been made available at the Honeywell Consumer Store. Shooter's safety eyewear features all of the durability one would associate with a superior set of shades and infuses these properties into a sleek design. The Honeywell Consumer Store offers a large selection of shooter's safety eyewear that showcases anti-fog, scratch-resistant and lightweight properties.

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