Energy Efficient Honeywell Air Coolers use natural evaporative air cooling to keep your home cool without the use refrigerant gas or compressors like a standard air conditioning unit requires. This lets you save up to 80% on your energy costs as compared to a standard air conditioning units while also allowing you to humidify the dry air of the cool weather months. The The Honeywell CL25AE Evaporative Air Cooler with a 25 Liter tank has four fan speeds and oscillating louvers evenly distribute cool air through the honeycomb cooling media, while the carbon dust filter cleanses the air. For your outdoor needs, the weather resistant and portable Honeywell CO25AE Outdoor Evaporative Air Cooler is ideal for cooling small outdoor areas as well as medium to large indoor areas. For the bigger jobs, utilize optimal cooling power with the Honeywell CO60PM Commercial use Evaporative Air Cooler with a 60 liter tank, which is perfect for more demanding commercial use or outdoor applications.

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