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Neal H
August 18, 2022
Verified Purchase

Good service, Fast delivery, Quality product. I am going to order more.

Scott Curran
December 29, 2020
Verified Purchase
Ear Plugs

I normally shoot at an outdoor range, but the first time I used these earplugs was in an indoor range. It did muffle the sound of other shooters, but the shooting noise was still pretty loud. Good product.

Quiet Band Reusable Foam Ear Pods

Honeywell Banded Style Earplugs with Reusable Pods were specifically designed for environments that include intermittent noise hazards. Banded earplugs implement soft pods that rest partially in the ear canal. This provides an ideal balance of comfort and protection. The use of a patented band design prevents foam pods from touching dirty or contaminated surfaces. Lightweight by design, Honeywell Banded Style Earplugs are Professional Grade rated and feature a Noise Reduction Rating of 25.

Reusable Shooting Foam Ear Pods offer reliable hearing protection for shooting. The band design rests easily around the neck during down times, and also keeps the earplugs away from the ground or other dirty surfaces. The soft foam pods are designed to rest partially in the ear, offering a good balance of comfort and protection. Suitable for use as shooting earplugs at the range or hunting earplugs in the field. Reusable Shooting Foam Ear Pods offer solid protection with its supra-aural fit, allowing the soft, foam pods to rest partially in ear for a balance of comfort and protection.

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