Reading Safety Glasses - Magnification +1-3

Reading glasses come with a variety of magnification strengths, from +1.00 to +3.00. The magnification strength that you need will depend on your individual vision needs. If you have mild presbyopia, you may only need a +1.00 magnification. If you have more severe presbyopia, you may need a +2.00 or +3.00 magnification.

It is important to try on different magnification strengths before you buy a pair of reading glasses. This will help you determine the magnification strength that is most comfortable for you to use. You should also consider the type of activities that you will be using the reading glasses for. If you will be using the reading glasses for close-up work, such as reading or sewing, you will need a higher magnification strength than if you will be using them for distance viewing, such as driving or watching a screen.

Magnification Strength and typical use:

  • +1.00 - Light reading, computer work, driving.
  • +1.50 - Moderate reading, light work and crafts.
  • +2.00 - Heavy reading, detailed work and crafts.
  • +2.50 - Fine print.
  • +3.00 - Very fine print.