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Suzanne G
January 10, 2023
Verified Purchase
Space Heater

I love, love, love this heater and I will buy 2 more next winter! Thank you Honeywell for your special products and your concern for folks who have asthma, allergies and multiple chemical senilities.

Jorene G
October 29, 2022
Verified Purchase
Great Heater

Loved the temperature settings. Easy to operate and it heats up the room fast. Strongly recommend!

October 20, 2022
Verified Purchase
Ceramic Heater

It is exactly what I wanted. It arrived as promised. A high quality heater!

Valeri Morgan
December 2, 2020
Verified Purchase
Nice Little Heater

I recently purchased my 4th and 5th Honeywell heaters. They are all still running, however, people keeping borrowing them and then keeping them. I love how efficient and quiet they are. Such a great little work horse!

Sue Martin
November 16, 2020
Verified Purchase

This little heater works great! Really heats up. Just what my husband wanted!

Patricia Ausdenmoore
July 7, 2020
Verified Purchase

the item is good: there are choices of temperature and settings, I am 86 yrs old and feel cold all the time, no matter how high the heat of the house. So I appreciate this heater.

Mia Hu
March 30, 2020
Verified Purchase

I bought the same one three years ago. It works very well

Robert Taylor
January 2, 2020
Verified Purchase

The equipment was delivered during the promised delivery timeframe. The equipment, a heater, does what it was described to do. The person who the equipment was purchased is very happy with the product. We will purchase with this company again if we have the opportunity or need in the future.

Alfred Brown
December 10, 2019
Verified Purchase

The amount of heat it produces is less than I expected but it does the job.

Jackie Miller
November 19, 2018
Verified Purchase

Quiet and efficiently heats the master bathroom.

Nedra Edwards
January 30, 2018
Verified Purchase

Warms your area very well. Ordered to use in our work areas and the team loves them.

My HZ-7304U Heater shuts off unexpectedly or fails to operate. What do I do?
Check for any obstructions. If you find an obstruction, turn the heater OFF and unplug it. Allow the heater to cool completely, then remove the obstruction. Wait at least 10 minutes, then re-plug the heater in and follow the OPERATION instructions.

EnergySmart® Cool Touch Heater 

Stay warm while conserving energy with the Honeywell Deluxe EnergySmart® Cool Touch Heater. Perfect for personal heating as well as spot heating, the energy smart heater is capable of saving you up to 35% on energy bills when compared to conventional heaters. This personal heater uses EnergySmart® Technology that will automatically measure and adjust heat settings based on the surrounding temperature. It’s an energy saving feature designed to reduce the amount of power used without sacrificing performance. The Honeywell Deluxe EnergySmart® Heater comes equipped with two heat settings, a programmable thermostat and a series of safety features outlined in the Honeywell Safety Matters Program. User friendly controls, efficient heating and a focused attention on safety make this an extremely versatile heater suitable for personal to small room settings. 

EnergySmart® Savings Feature: How Does it Work?

This portable heater uses EnergySmart® operation. To activate, simply press the power button. Your EnergySmart® Heater will then default to the Constant Hi setting while the Current Temp Indicator will display the room’s temperature. Above the Current Temp Indicator, the Energy Usage Indicator will then display the power consumption presently being used by the Honeywell Heater.

  • If the Energy Usage Indicator is on HIGH, the energy smart heater is currently drawing 1500 watts to quickly warm the room.

  • If the Energy Usage Indicator is on LOW, the energy smart heater heater is currently drawing 900 watts to slowly warm the room or maintain its current temperature.

  • If the Energy Usage Indicator is on STAND BY, the energy smart heater is no longer drawing power as the room has reached its desired temperature. At this point, the Honeywell Heater has reached its most efficient state and is drawing only a few watts of energy.

To save up to 35% on energy bills, set the EnergySmart® thermostat by selecting a Desired Temperature between 65-80°. The EnergySmart® thermostat will automatically select the appropriate power level to best accommodate your chosen temperature setting. As the air temperature (Current Temp) in the room approaches the Desired Temperature, the Honeywell HZ-7300 personal heater will automatically adjust the power consumption to provide steady heat without wasting energy.

Safety Matters: A Honeywell Standard for Safe Heating

The Safety Matters program is constantly evolving to ensure that Honeywell Heaters are built with innovative, tried and tested safety features. The Honeywell Deluxe EnergySmart Cool Touch Heater comes equipped with a series of these safety enhancements. Tip over protection means that your heater will promptly shut off when tipped over on its side, back or front. The EnergySmart Heater also includes overheat protection that will immediately turn off the unit once it reaches an unsafe internal temperature. The addition of cool house touching provides a safe means of accessing or maneuvering your portable heater into another room. The sum of these Safety Matters enhancements ensures peace of mind when operating your Honeywell Heater.

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