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Gayle P
April 12, 2024
Verified Purchase

Everything needed to change all the filters.

April 1, 2024
Verified Purchase
honeywell filter

very good quality brand name filter!!

Denice L
March 15, 2024
Verified Purchase
Honeywell filters

I only purchased Honeywell filters for my air purifier. I want to make sure I get the best results and I get them with Honeywell filters.

Nicholas W
March 14, 2024
Verified Purchase
Works Like It's Suppose To

There's not much that can go wrong with filters other than being thin and flimsy, these are NOT. Excellent material, last long, can be washed and reused if needed. Quality product!

Carolyn B
March 12, 2024
Verified Purchase
Combo Pack

I have ordered these filters several times and always pleased with them. Honeywell ships fast and never damaged! A great company. I also ordered the smoke filters this time and anxious to see how they work out.

Ray P
March 10, 2024
Verified Purchase
As Expected

Easy ordering, quick delivery, and good quality products.

Susan D
March 5, 2024
Verified Purchase
Just what I needed

I think a complete packet of the pre-filter and regular filters for the year is great. Thanks.

February 26, 2024
Verified Purchase
Harry New

Have used these products before and they fit perfectly in my air purifiers. Phone service was great and I received them very promply.

William B
February 23, 2024
Verified Purchase
Replacement filter

The filter arrived quickly and fit perfectly

Therese A
February 22, 2024
Verified Purchase
Honeywell Filtets

We have owned Honeywell products for years. Especially in today's world we need to filter our air. It makes a difference how we sleep & overall feel.

February 5, 2024
Verified Purchase

Filters do an adequate job as specified.

Mary M
February 2, 2024
Verified Purchase

A quality company! A pleasure to do business with!

Bob D
February 2, 2024
Verified Purchase
Fast efficient shipping

I was so happy to receive the air filters for our Honeywell room filtration system which has done so well for us the past five years!

Marie V
January 26, 2024
Verified Purchase
Long lasting!

Items last 6+ months and do an excellent job in my machine!

William K
January 23, 2024
Verified Purchase
New Information

I had thought the HEPA filter needed to be changed every 6 months. I learned by reading the supplied information that the pre-filter should be changed quarterly and the HEPA filter annually, thus saving money

Paul H
January 11, 2024
Verified Purchase
Honeywell Filter Combo Pack HPA-3300

The HPA 300/3000 combo pack provides up to one year of excellent filtration. The HEPA filters can last an entire year depending on the environment. I change the pre-filter every three months as recommended and find it has removed lots of dust, etc very efficiently. Excellent product.

Michelle H
January 3, 2024
Verified Purchase
does the job

Seems to work well and makes us feel better to have the purifiers running!

Patricia A
December 17, 2023
Verified Purchase
Great product

This product protects my family's health and is reliable to provide filtered air.

Diane K
December 15, 2023
Verified Purchase

Good product and good price.

Dan T
December 14, 2023
Verified Purchase
Replacement Filters

They were easy to order and the air purifier tells you when to do this. Makes a difference in my home running this all the time. They are a bit pricey but all Hepa filters seem to be.

How often do I change the air purifier filter?
Honeywell Filter R should be replaced once every year. Honeywell Pre-Filter A should be replaced once every three months.
How do I clean the air purifier filter?
Honeywell HEPA Filters and Pre Filters should not be washed or cleaned. Attempting to clean or wash an air purifier filter could reduce its effectiveness.
Can I wash air purifier filters and reuse them?
No, it is generally not recommended. Honeywell HEPA Filters should be replaced once a year. Honeywell Pre Filters should be replaced every three months.
How long does this air purifier filter last?
Honeywell R Filters last for one year. Honeywell A Pre-Filters last for three months.
How do I reset the air purifier filter light?
When you change the hepa filter or pre-filter, the "Check Filter" or "Check Pre-Filter" light will remain on until it is reset. While the air purifier is on, press the lit button and hold it for approximately two seconds. This will turn the filter light off.

The Honeywell HEPA Filter and Pre-Filter Kit includes a one year supply of Honeywell Certified HEPA Filters and Genuine Pre-Filters. Honeywell HEPA Filters will help capture up to 99.97% of the following microscopic airborne allergens and particles: dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mite debris and smoke.1 Honeywell Pre Filters capture larger airborne particles and activated carbon reduces odors and VOCs.1

These replacement air purifier filters are designed exclusively to fit Honeywell HEPA Air Purifier models: HPA300, HPA304, HPA3300, HPA5300, HPA5350 and HPA8350

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