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Setting up a subscription with the Honeywell Consumer Store allows you to customize your shopping experience while saving. We're here to work around your schedule to ensure that you receive your items exactly when you need them all at a discount. You'll find that eligible items for our subscription service will have a "Set Up Subscription" tag on the product page.

All subscription items will automatically have a discount applied when you sign up for the subscription service. You'll have the option to select expedited shipping for your first order. Future orders will be shipped via our economy service. You may update or cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account and visiting the "Subscriptions" page.

Subscription FAQs
How do I begin a subscription?

It's easy! All you'll need is a Honeywell Consumer Store Account to use our subscription service. You'll have the option to create an account when checking out with a subscription item in your cart.

How much does this subscription service cost?

Absolutely nothing. This is an entirely free service designed to save you money while making your experience as convenient as possible.

How much can I save using a subscription?

You'll instantly save 10% off your order when using the subscription service. The same 10% discount will be applied to all future orders.

What items can I purchase using a subscription?

Any item with the "Setup Up Subscription" flag is eligible for the subscription service and discount. You'll get the most out of a subscription service by adding items that should be replaced every few months to a year. If there is an item you would like to see added to the subscription service, please contact us and let us know!

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want?

Absolutely. All you'll need to do is login to your account and visit the "Subscriptions" page. You may also contact one of our customer service representatives to cancel your subscription. We value your time! You'll be speaking with a skilled professional as opposed to waiting for an automated response.

Can I make changes to my subscription items or the delivery date of the next order?

Yes, of course. Our subscription service is designed to work around your needs. You'll have absolute control over how many items and when you want to receive the next delivery. Simply login to your account and visit the "Subscriptions" page to make any changes.

Why are the prices of my items changing?

First and foremost, you'll always receive the 10% off subscription discount whenever using this service. We believe transparency is the best policy here. Individual prices for products can go up or down over time. We'll always keep you informed by having an item's new price displayed in your subscription reminder email. If an item's price does change, the new price will only be applied to future orders.

Why did the shipping price change on my most recent subscription order?

We work with FedEx and USPS when trying to find the best and most affordable solution for your shipments. Shipping costs may vary slightly when fuel and service fees increase or decrease over time. You may also see an increase in the shipping cost whenever you add to the quantity of your subscribed items.

What kind of communication can I expect from a subscription?

You'll initially receive a message from us when creating a subscription. We'll follow this up with order reminders a week in advance of your delivery. A week's advance should provide an excellent window of time to update or cancel any existing orders. We'll also contact you if there's any problem with processing payment for an existing order.

Why was my subscription put on hold?

Your subscription may become suspended if there is a problem processing the payment required to ship your next order. This can usually be linked to one of two things. There could be a change in the payment method you're currently using or an expiration date on a credit card has been reached. To ensure that your subscription service is not interrupted, please make sure your billing and payment information is up to date on your account

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